Max Graf

Groundcover roses selected to be part of this category do one thing better than other roses:  they provide a dense carpet over the ground.  In many books, roses are included in this category that don't suit my definition of a groundcover rose.  I only want roses that are low to the ground; either prostrate, or of a very short height and dense growth habit.  Here are two wonderful blankets.  I should also mention that a few of the ramblers will scramble along the ground but the cover they provide is sparser and mounding.
MAX GRAF  A great ground cover.  Spreads widely and roots as it goes.  A lovely bright mat of color that densely covers an amazing area, growing to 1 foot by 10+ feet.  This rose belongs to the blissfully healthy rugosa class.   Once blooming and lightly fragrant.   Health is EX
PARTRIDGE  Clusters of tiny single white blooms with pink buds.  Great dark glossy leaves and a wonderful spreading groundcover that reblooms.  It even has a pleasant fragrance and will root as it spreads.  Canes will sprawl along the ground up to 10 feet.  Health is EX