Some Unnamed Minis
Miniature Roses were much popularized by the hybridizer Ralph Moore, who introduced many spectacular cultivars.   Regular miniatures grow to about 18 inches; the micro-minis to 8 or 10 inches.  They vary from recurrent to continuous in bloom and have little if any fragrance.   When I began running out of room for planting new roses, I invested in 38 minis and I now have only 2 remaining in my garden:  they are just too disease prone for my taste.  After each flush of bloom, most of the leaves develop blackspot and fall off, leaving you with some scraggy stems.  I kept two varieties that I especially liked and planted them where foreground plants would cover up the damage.  Health is not OK
RING OF FIRE  A fully double petite bloom of high drama.  It doesn't take much effort to figure out where the name came from.
ROLLER COASTER A perky semi-double bloom of white, striped with varying shades of red.  It looks great in a rockery with some low greenery to hide behind when its leaves inevitably get diseased.