Short Shrub
These roses generally grow under 4 feet.  Some fine old roses from the Pimpinellifolia (Scotch) and Polyanthas families are represented here , while most of the rest are Modern Hybrids bred for disease resistance and repeat bloom.   Modern Hybrids have been bred to imitate the bloom form of old roses, but lack the fragrance and graceful plant form.  But they do have large flashy blooms and lots of them!

The Pimpinellifolias bloom only once, but have a pleasing growth habit and lovely ferny leaves that are always perfect.   I would include these roses in my garden even if they  never bloomed.  The Polyanthas all have clusters of small blooms that cover the plants in three separate flushes.
Little White Pet
BALLERINA  A dainty single that flowers mostly continuously with huge dense bloom clusters on arching canes.  It's a vigorous plant that will grow to 3 feet by 4 feet, spreading out like a fountain.  Health is VG
BLUSH VERANDA  Very double old fashioned bloom on a squat plant with fat shiny leaves.  Good fragrance.  Health is G
BURNET DOUBLE PINK  Beautiful  double globular flowers, exterior petals curve outward. This is a tidy shrub that suckers and spreads on its own rootstock, producing a groundcover to about 2 feet high. A bonus are the large purple/black hips.  Health is EX
BURGUNDY ICEBERG  Bushy plant, clusters of flat cupped 3.5 in. blooms, vibrant burgundy,  whitish reverse, prolific bloomer.  Health is G
BURNET IRISH MARBLED  Is, in my opinion, the Queen of the Burnet Roses (old Scottish roses that were in favor in the 19th Century).  The pink to white shading in this exquisite semi double glows with backlighting , as seen here.  Health is EX
DIAMOND HEAD Hybridized by Poulsen.  Clusters of bright semi-double medium sized blooms perch firmly on the arching canes of this bushy plant,making it wider than it is tall.  Wonderful  shiny dark green foliage.  Health is EX
COMTE DE CHAMBORD  Full soft pink double blooms and wonderfully fragrant.  Recurrent and blooms for a long period. It has a particularly fine bud form, plump, pointed and dark pink.  Health is G
CAMBRIDGE A charming Poulsen hybrid.  The plant is profusely covered with large clusters of pink and white blooms along its arching canes.  It and Diamond Head are among my most vigorous nonstop bloomers.   Groups of this rose make  a fine shrubby hedge or groundcover.  Health is EX
ELEGANT FAIRY TALE  A lush plant with old-fashioned fully double clustered blooms.  The  Fairy Tale series of roses are repeat blooming, medium sized upright shrubs that fit well into mixed borders.  Health is VG
DUNWICH ROSE  Has the requisite lovely ferny leaves of a Pimpinellifolia and gets totally covered with soft yellow single blooms along arching branches.  Will grow to 2 feet by 4 feet.  Health is EX
LION'S FAIRY TALE   3.5 inch double clustered blooms smother this upright bushy plant.   The bloom is reminiscent of a fine old rose, but has only a light fragrance.   Health is VG
FLORA DANICA  A rather exotic coloring to this fine rose with its peachy blend of tones.  The medium sized double blooms are held upright on vigorous stems.  It has a lovely fruity fragrance and  repeat blooms.  Health is G

POMPON DE BOURGOGNE  An unusual rose in the Centifolia family, given its compact tidy growth.  A stiff stemmed plant with small plum-colored pompom blooms.  It's very old; pre 1664.  Being so old, many different names have become attached to it, the most common being R. centifolia parvivolia.  Health is VG
RED RIDING HOOD  A vibrant old fashioned cupped bloom of crimson red petals.  Part of the Fairy Tale rose series of healthy, upright bushy plants.  Health is VG
SANTA BARBARA  A vigorous arching plant that reaches 3 ft. by 3 ft.  A very floriferous shrub with richly colored petite coral blooms.  It is adaptable to many situations: for example, with vigorous pruning,I manage to keep mine in a raised rockery where the canes gracefully drape out, covered in bloom.   Health is VG
LITTLE WHITE PET  A pretty little plant with white flattened pompoms massed on a tidy, compact shrub to 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 feet.  Delicate pink buds, as shown here.  Health is EX
THE FAIRY  A dead easy to grow rose -- great for the beginner.  It's healthy and vigorous, and has a most attractive natural form in the landscape.  It's growth habit is not as compact as the rest here:  I let it spread out to its full size of 2 1/2 feet by 4 feet wide.  No fragrance, but it does bloom nonstop from July 1 to November.   Health is EX
MARIE PARVIE  Also sold as M. Pavic and M. Pavie.  A sweet little rose, bushy and upright,  with dear little scrolled pinkish buds opening up to a blush white.  Wonderful fragrance.  Health is EX
YVONNE RABIER  A lovely rose in the landscape.  It has rich, glossy foliage, and pure white clusters of perfect, fragrant, semi-doubles.   Health is VG