Henri Martin
Buff Beauty
MRS. ANTHONY J. WATERER  A vigorous thorny bush with rich crimson semi-double blooms that are sturdy and long lasting.  Has a delightful fragrance.  Health is EX
OLD BLUSH   An ancient thornless chinensis; semi-double with small pinkish red blooms, darkening to magenta with age.  A vase-shaped plant to 7 ft. that blooms continuously  Health is VG
R. GALLICA OFFICINALIS  has a distinguished place in history as the Apothecary Rose (it was used medicinally in Medieval Times), but its bright pink color and sweet fragrance are enough to recommend it.   The blooms are a gorgeous strong pink which makes a showy bush of big doubles.  Health is VG
PINK GROOTENDORST  An offspring of F.J. Grootendorst, having all the same qualities except color.  A lovely strong pink in clusters of frilly blooms.  Often the plant reverts to red and may have both colors -- a bonus!  Health is EX
R. GLAUCA  Often sought merely for the unique plum grey foliage that adds so much to the landscape.  There's further color treats offered in this plant: red stems, petite cerise single blooms, and fine red hips.  A star!  Health is EX 
R. RUGOSA ALBA  An elegant pure white single bloom.  As with most Albas, it has great fat colorful hips.  Makes a fine upright hedger with study thorns to discourage unwanted traffic.  Health is EX
R. PIMPINELLIFOLIA ALTAICA   1818-- Races R. cantabrigiensis and Fru Dagmar Hastrup to be the first rose blooming in Spring.  These beautiful pure white blooms are larger than most pimpinellifolia roses and possess prominent yellow stamens.  Health is EX
ROSAMUNDI (R.gallica versicolor)  The original striped rose is named after a mistress of Henry II.  It is identical to R. gallica officinalis, but is streaked white and red.  Often it will wholly or partially revert to its parent.   Health is VG
ROSA D'AMOUR A tall shrub to 7 feet with dainty, fully double scrolled pink blend blooms, that have a Victorian delicacy about them and a light fragrance.  Although tall, the canes and blooms seem fairly petite.  Health is EX
SALLY HOLMES  A drooping shrub with huge trusses of blush to white blooms.  Since the blooms themselves are large,and totally cover the plant, this rose commands attention in the landscape.  Health is VG
SCABROSA  Richly colored deep mauve/pink single blooms.  Great color, but sloppier in form than the rest of this class.  Health is EX
SOOKE HARBOUR  I found this rose in my son's yard in Sooke, hence it's name.  It seems to have disappeared from current nurseries, but I thought it worthwhile to resurrect it for its rare blooms that retain their closed cup shape.  The small cerise blooms are arranged in dainty clusters haphazardly along the stems.  Health is G
TOPAZ JEWEL  Slightly less healthy than its rugosa siblings and with a smoother leaf.  Also known as Yellow Fru Dagmar Hastrup.  A  wonderful soft lemon yellow, semi-double, loose bloom.  Benefits from pruning back to avoid leggy canes.  Health is VG
TUSCANY SUPERB  As the name says, a superb rose.  Has large maroon blooms with a velvety sheen, fading to purple with bright yellow stamens.  The fragrance is also superb..  Health is VG
STANWELL PERPETUAL  This pimpinellifolia is a joy all summer.  While it's seldom without a bloom well into fall, it has two major flushes.  In the first, it is totally covered with lush, fragrant blooms along its arching canes.  Left to grow naturally, it drapes gracefully to the ground.  Health is EX