These roses are grouped here because they grow best as climbers.   Unlike ramblers, climbers are at least recurrent in bloom, sometimes even continuous, and the plants don't grow as large. Climbers were madly hybridized in the 20th Century to provide roses that would modestly climb up a trellis or over an archway and provide more options in color and fragrance than the ramblers.  Unfortunately they generally weren't  as healthy and vigorous as Ramblers.  My healthiest climbers are two fine old roses that have flourished for over a 100 years, R. dupontii and Sombreuil, and the rose credited with being the first modern climber, New Dawn.
CONSTANCE SPRY  Credited as being the first of David Austin's 'English Roses'.  Unlike his later hybrids, it is a once bloomer, but what a glorious display of voluptuous and abundant blooms on a vigorous plant!  It even looks a bit decadent.  Unfortunately it's health disintegrates after blooming.  Health is OK
DARLOW'S ENGIMA    Love the name! This vigorous climber is a sport  that appeared in a Mr. Darlow's garden, so it's parentage can only be guessed at.  Clusters of small white blooms appear    when the other roses are resting.
Health is EX
ERFURT  A droopy shrub or fine climber of delicate form and color.  Mine is growing up a dogwood tree where the dappled shade highlights the delicacy of its blooms.  There is a photo of the plant at the top of this page.  Health is VG
HAMBURGER PHOENIX  This is the brightest, reddest rose in the garden.  Site it carefully so that it doesn't overwhelm more retiring neighbours.  The large petals add to its strong visual impact.  A vigorous plant, with big shiny leaves.  The large semi-double blooms last well as cut flowers.    Health is VG
NEW DAWN   Introduced in 1930,  New Dawn became the bench mark for hybridizing new climbers.  It imparted continuity of bloom along with the urge to climb.  A classic 'tea' bud and bloom  with very healthy bright green foliage.  A great rose for the novice gardener.  Health is EX
R. X DUPONTII   Has particularly large single blooms for a rambler, with gorgeous stamens providing drama.  It's a stunning rose in full bloom.   My plant gracefully drapes itself along a hedge and has a pleasant fragrance.  Health is EX
SOMBREUIL  A lush plant with sweetly fragrant double blooms.  It could more correctly be called a climbing tea rose.  You can let the branches arch out gracefully, or limit them and train it to climb.  A  superb asset of this climber is that it is truly continuous in bloom.  Health is EX 
ROYAL SUNSET  Spectacular large double apricot blend tea blooms.  Has a heady fruity scent and vigorous thick canes.  It is newly planted in my garden so it hasn't achieved much of a size yet. Health is G
Hamburger Phoenix