I can't imagine a rose garden without rambling roses.  With a little help they can be encouraged  to climb trees, clamber over sheds, cover pergolas or just scramble along the ground.    Nearly all are once bloomers, but with a great blaze of glory lasting from 3 to 6 weeks.  I find that all can thrive with their lower sections shaded as long as the sun can find their budded branches.  The critical element in training them to climb is to limit the main canes coming from the base to 3 - 5;  cut out the remainder to the ground.  If you just want it to sprawl over something, you don't need to bother.  These are a healthy group of roses that can grow up to 40 feet.
ADELAIDE D'ORLEANS  Lush clusters of shapely blooms, semi-double with wide petals.  Larger blooms and more fragrant than most white ramblers.  A most graceful habit, with very pliable canes.  Would look great draping over a trellis or pergola, or trailing out of a tree.  Health is EX
ALBERTINE       A vigorous, thorny, glossy-leaved, floriferous rose.  Shapely buds and  full, relaxed blooms.  Rather stiff canes  that won't adapt to a delicate arbor or trellis, but does look great scrambling along a wall or fence, or tied to an arch or pillar.  Among the most fragrant of ramblers.  Health is EX
ALEXANDER GIRAULT  Double blooms with interesting mushy centers.   It's a good choice for draping down a slope or over rocks.  Very long blooming, up to 6 weeks. Health is EX
AMAGLIA A creamy white sport of Kiftsgate, so it forms a huge plant.  Vigorous, as is its parent, and a great tree climber.  Flowers are cup shaped and give a lush look to its appearance when in full bloom.   Forms a brilliant curtain of white.  Health is EX
AMERICAN PILLAR   A rambler that has retained its popularity for over a century.  Vibrant single blooms on a vigorous plant with large glossy leaves.  It readily climbs or covers just about anything.  Can tend to mildew, so I grow it in the background where it's leaves are less visible.  Health is OK
AYRSHIRE QUEEN   Very shade tolerant.  It readily scrambles along the ground or climbs over whatever gets in its way.  Exquisite little pink buds that grow into a very fragrant semi-double bloom.  Health is EX

CRIMSON RAMBLER  So named because it was so obviously not what the label said, and so far defies identification.  Bright showy cluster of pink doubles, with glossy foliage and pliable canes.  A late and fairly long bloomer.  Health is EX
FELICITE ET PERPETUE     A great fence or wall coverer.  Blooms a bit later than most ramblers with clusters of flattened perfect rosettes.  Great glossy bright foliage and unlike most ramblers, is best left  letting many canes grow, instead of limiting the number.  Health is VG
GHISLAINE DE FELIGONDE  An exquisite small rambler  In the photo above, you will notice that the buds flush apricot, open to peach, and then fade to cream.  All that color in one dynamite rose plant!  Unlike most ramblers, it is somewhat continuous in bloom.  Health is EX

MERMAID   A dazzler with it's big bright single palest yellow blooms.  It's evidently a bit flighty in this climate, but it seems to be doing okay so far.  Wonderful prominent stamens make for a dramatic bloom.  Blooms are doled out over the summer.  Health is VG
MME. ALFRED CARRIERE  A big vigorous plant to over 15 feet.  Deservedly popular for its lush, loose fully double blooms of blush/white.  Produces blooms throughout the season with two major flushes.  Very fragrant.  Be careful in siting this rose as it is bare for the first 6-8 ft.  Health is VG
RAMBLING RECTOR    Isn't this a great name for a rose?  It makes me wonder what the story was behind its naming.  A grand old rambler to well over 50 feet.  As with many of the oldest ramblers, it has masses of apple blossom-like clusters of white blooms.  Makes a superb tree scrambler.  Health is EX
SEAGULL  Clusters of apple blossom type blooms.  A more refined version of Rambling Rector in size, leaf and bloom; thus more suited to an in-your-face siting.  Lovely prominent yellow stamens in the clear white singles.  Very floriferous; covered with blooms for 4 weeks in summer.   Health is EX
Adelaide d'Orleans
R. LUCIAE ONOEI  --1800s.  Used to hybridize wichurana ramblers of Victorian times.  A dense, spreading mat of petite foliage.  A slow grower.  The small white bloom is of little consequence -- it's the growth habit that is so attractive.  Health is EX